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tranzmatic \trans - 'ma-tik\ n
A German-English technical dictionary containing approx. 40,000 terms, phrases and abbreviations.

This dictionary is in no way intended to be a comprehensive German-English dictionary, but rather a specialized technical dictionary for the fields of automation, controls, optical scanning devices, RF devices, software, and, among others, diesel motors.
The terms included in the dictionary have been compiled over the past several years during the course of translation work. The terms have been taken from corporate terminology lists and respected technical dictionaries. In the cases where neither terminology lists nor dictionaries where of any help, people in the know were able to provide answers.

Wildcards ( * ) and German special characters are supported (ä,ö,ü.ß).
E.g.: Fehlerm* or *sgangskr*

f you don't find what you're looking for here, fear not! There are numerous comprehensive German-English dictionaries on the Web. One worth a visit is the Laixicon® from

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